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Adult ADHD Coaching (Workplace & Home)
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Coach Richmand LLC

Coach Richmand LLC
Executive, Business. Career & Life Coaching
(sub-specialties: Marketing & Adult ADHD in the workplace)

New York Locations: 

Mt. Kisco: 100 South Bedford Road 

Harrison: 500 Mamaroneck Avenue 

  Telephone & Skype Coaching From Anywhere

"...if people are having trouble moving forward, she’s certainly the right coach to visit. "
  Westchester Magazine Chronicles  
Feeling Stuck?

Now Is The Best Time to Move Forward....

Coaching is an empowering tool to move forward in any area of your life. Coach Richmand collaborates with clients to define and clarify goals, pinpoint and overcome obstacles, and create weekly doable tasks toward goal achievement and life balance.
Reasons Clients Hire Coach Richmand

Executive/Career Coaching

  • Career Advancement
  • Management Skill Development
  • Interpersonal Communication and Listening Skills
  • Improve Sales
  • Time Management
  • Networking Skills
  • Image Building
  • Social Media Training
  • Increase Productivity

Adult ADHD

  • ADD/ADHD Education
  • Workplace Compensation Skills
  • Managing ADHD Within Relationships
  • Life Balance
  • Career/Business Goal Achievement
  • Accountability
  • Aspects of Other Areas of Coaching
  • Parenting Skills

Business/Entrepreneurship Coaching
  • Idea & Business Development
  • Increase Productivity
  • Taking Business to The Next Level
  • Employee and/or Contractor Management
  • Relationship & Network Building
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Marketing & Social Media Options
Life, Balance, Time Management & Organizational Coaching
  • Help Create Balance Between Family (Parenting), Personal & Professional Goals.
  • Increase Productivity and Satisfaction In All Areas of Life
  • Overcome Procrastination and Avoidance
  • Organizational and Productivity Tools Customized For Each Client


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"Discover the Possibilities 
Achieve Your Goals." 

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